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  • The app is not displayed in the desired language.

    The app is always displayed in the language of your device. If you you’d like to change the language of the app, you need to change the language of your device in the settings of your phone. In some cases, the app must be deleted and reinstalled (for free). IMPORTANT: The app is only available in certain languages.

  • The question is not displayed completely or something is displayed wrong.

    If the question is not displayed completely, you should delete the app and restart your phone. After the restart you can install the app again (for free). This should solve the problem.

  • I signed in to the WebApp with the code, but now I cannot log in anymore.

    If you can’t log in with the code, you may have used too many different IP addresses. The code can only be used with one device or browser. If you are unable to log in, please contact our support at support@itheorie.ch We will aim to find a solution for your problem.

  • I wanted to sign in with the code, but it isn’t valid.

    Be sure to enter the code exactly as you received it. This means that all letters are capitalized and the hyphens are also included. Unfortunately, the number "0" and the letter "O" are almost identical. Please try all different variants. If it still does not work, contact our support: support@itheorie.ch

  • You have previously installed the app on your iPhone, but would now like to switch between iOs and Android whilst continuing using the app.

    Unfortunately, an app transfer is only possible between devices with the same operating system. This means that if you switch from Android to Android (or iOS to iOS), a transfer is not a problem. All you have to do is log into the PlayStore / AppStore with the same account and download the app again. However, if you switch from Android to iOS (or vice versa), you'll have to buy the app again. The same applies to transfers from cell phones to laptops / computers.